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    The learning and fun DOESN'T JUST STOP AFTER SCHOOL Starting the Out of School Club ​ If you require your child to attend the Out of School Club you will need to obtain an enrolment form from Sunflowers reception. We offer before, and after school club and holiday club. ​ You can also download our enrolment form from here: ​ ​ ​ Once these forms are complete and a place is confirmed for your child at the Out of School club there is a £20.00 non-refundable enrolment fee that will need to be paid before your child attends their first session. DOWNLOAD ENROLMENT FORM OPENING HOURS The Out of School Club opens at 7.30am. Your child will be taken by a member of staff in time for their class start time. ​ After school your child will need to go straight to the school hall where they will be met by a member of staff and taken the nursery setting. The afternoon Out of School Club runs from 3.15pm until 6pm with a 3.15pm-4.30pm session available upon request. PERSONAL BELONGINGS It is advised that your child does not bring any personal belongings from home other than their school bag etc. as personal belongings may get lost or miss placed during the Out of School Club hours. FEE & ADDITIONS Out of School Club fees are revised annually in accordance with staffing and annual increases. Full payment is payable by the 14th of each month via childcare vouchers or electronic payments. If you require any information regarding child care vouchers, please ask a member of the office staff for further details. ​ Payment of fees secures your child’s place at the Out of School Club regardless of holidays, illness or absences. Extra sessions can be arranged for your child by ringing the setting on 01270 623 333 . St Anne’s School can’t arrange any extra sessions for your child at Out of School Club, these can only be booked via the nursery setting. If payment of fees is late then your child may be refused entry to the Out of School Club until fees are paid in full. ABSENCE, SICKNESS & MEDICINES If your child is unwell or not attending the Out of School Club for any reason it is essential that you inform the Out of School Club as soon as possible. ​ If your child is sent home from school or there are any changes in collection of your child, please could you let us know as soon as possible (it is not the school’s job to inform us of these changes) . If someone other than the people authorised to collect your child turns up to collect your child without prior warning your child will not be sent to the nominated person until the Out of School Club has checked that the child’s parents have authorised this collection. ​ If your child requires medication during the Out of School Club hours please inform a member of the Out of School Club, so that we can follow the correct procedures. INCIDENT & ACCIDENT BOOK On arrival to the Out of School Club please inform a member of staff if your child has had an accident at home, as it is required to be recorded in our incident book. If any accident occurs during their time at the Out of School Club, the parents will be asked to sign an accident form to confirm that they are fully aware of the occurrence. SNACK TIMES Your child will be provided with a healthy breakfast when attending the breakfast club and a light snack during the afternoon session, which is freshly prepared on the premises. A copy of the menus is displayed within the room. During a holiday club session your child will be provided with breakfast, lunch and a light tea. PLEASE NOTE If your contact details change for any reason please notify Sunflowers at St Anne’s in writing. Sunflowers at St Anne’s reserves the right to change the above terms as when deemed necessary.

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    Located on the outskirts of the beautiful town of Nantwich, Sunflowers is set within the grounds of St Anne’s Catholic Primary School . We are a private run nursery which is overseen by the Governing Body of the primary school. With an Ofsted rating of Good we always strive to improve on all of our past achievements. At Sunflowers we believe that children deserve the best possible start to their education. We hope to provide that, both in the Nursery School and in the community, by offering a safe, secure and happy environment in which children will flourish feeling confident and ready to learn. They will be supported by experienced staff including qualified teachers who are all committed to providing quality nursery education and care with first class family support. It's all in THE DETAIL At Sunflowers a bunch of happy, cheerful and content children is our goal. Of course children cry, so don’t expect there never to be a grizzling baby in a good nursery. But as a group, you should be able to see that they’re having fun, making friends and enjoying their time at the nursery. OUR SERVICES Thank you to all the staff and management at Sunflowers for all that you have done for our son. He has loved every minute here and is sad to be leaving to go to school. I would highly recommend this nursery to everyone! The staff here are incredible and made our son feel safe, secure and loved every minute he was in their care. They provide a wonderful calm and stimulating environment for him to learn and grow." ​ Sue Lawson Follow Us On Social Media For all the latest news and events happening @sunflowersatstannes

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    Important DOCUMENTS Nursery School Health Policy Document Sunflowers Health & Nutrition Keeping Children Safe Online Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

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    Sunflowers nursery is a magical SETTING FOR YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND Our Activities ​ Sunflowers Nursery is a magical setting for your child to attend. The outside area boasts a forest where the children can go to learn about their natural environment. We also have both grassed and all weather serviced areas for the children to play and learn. It is our aim to provide continuous learning inside and out, through imagination and play. ​ Our qualified staff regularly choose and research new equipment and ideas to enhance your child’s learning. Working closely with the Qualified teachers at St Anne’s our aim is to ensure that all the fun helps your child to learn through play. As part of the fun and activities, we have regular bookings for Jumping Beanz and Rhythm time to come into our setting. JUMPING BEANZ This is a physical, creative, thematic and educational programme of fun activities for children at the Nursery. Jumping Beanz activity sessions have been developed considering the key focus areas of agility, balance and co-ordination through pulse-raising, co-ordination, balance and role-play/imaginative games and activities. The activity programmes help to develop a child’s social, physical and language skills, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Our experienced Jumpin Beanz love this activity and is very popular with Children (…and staff!) at the Nursery. RHYTHM TIME At the Nursery we are passionate about music and Rhythm time is a great way to enhance your little one’s development. The session aims to teach how to make music fun for your child and unlock their potential by singing and making music together. There are many ways in which we make this fun for your child. The children love and respond well to sensory activities such as bubbles, lights, sensory blanket and scarves. Rhythm Time helps the children with literacy and numeracy and speech and language has developed as a result of these sessions. We are on the lookout for the next pop star and confident we may have many in the making at Sunflowers Nursery!

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    Nursery School Opening Times ​ Monday – 7.30am-6pm Tuesday – 7.30am-6pm Wednesday – 7.30am-6pm Thursday – 7.30am-6pm Friday – 7.30am-6pm Saturday – Closed Sunday – Closed ​ ​ Contact Us ​ Sunflowers At St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Wellington Road, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7DA ​ Email: Tel: 01270 623 333 Submit Leave us a message and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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    We offer a SAFE, SECURE AND HAPPY ENVIRONMENT Meet the Sunflowers team ​ At Sunflowers nursery school we pride ourselves in helping each child grow and learn along there development journey. Throughout the time spent with us our children are observed by the staff to help us identify each child’s individual needs. Each room has planned activities for each day which will help our children meet their full potential. All of this is done by staff who are trained to the highest national standards (NVQ level 3, NNEB, BTEC Diploma, CACHE 3, 2) some of whom are working to a higher qualification. ​ We are committed to Safeguarding and all staff have a full DBS check before starting along with Child Protection and Prevent Training. All our staff hold there Paediatric First Aid Certificate. Our facilities ​ Sunflowers has a range of indoor facilities, as well as an outdoor area, all designed to provide a stimulating environment to promote your child’s development and to make sure they have a lot of fun! Our goal is to nurture children as they grow and develop in self-confidence, independence and personal skills. We have a Baby Room, Toddler Room and Pre-School Room and also offer wrap-around care for school-age children in our Out of School Club and Holiday Club. Each room is dedicated to ensuring a range of opportunities and activities, all carefully planned to ensure that the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are met. Outside we have a large green space for play and exploration, including a forest where the children can go to explore the natural world around them.

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    Working in partnership WITH PARENTS Spring/Summer Menu 2022 Nursery Fee Schedule 2022 EXTRA HOUR £9.00 – Late collection is charged at £10.00 for every 10 minutes after late collection. No grace period permitted. 30 hours per week of free childcare We are an agreed provider of the 30 hours’ free childcare funded by Cheshire East Council. 30 hours of free childcare is now available for working parents of 3 & 4 year olds. Children are eligible on the term following their 3rd birthday, so a child turning 3 in May2022 would be eligible in September 2022. Both parents living at home need to earn at least £152 per week and neither parent can earn over £100,000 per year. Lone parents need to earn between £152 per week and £100,000 per year. The sessions must be taken within the times we have agreed with CEC and include the cost of childcare only. Meals and snacks are charged separately and are payable by parents. You can check your availability at

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    We offer a safe, SECURE AND HAPPY ENVIRONMENT Our Services ​ Parents look for many different things when choosing a nursery such as location, price, opening times or recommendation. Whilst all these things are important, our experience tells us that the top priority for most parents is finding somewhere they know their child will be treated with love, care and as a unique individual. The adults providing this need to know and understand the needs of young children and how to respond to them with compassion and respect. ​ This is what you can expect at Sunflowers at St Anne’s. A commitment to building authentic and meaningful relationships with parents which will enable us to provide the very best care and learning opportunities for your child. BABY ROOM Our focus in this room is to provide a calm and warm environment for babies where they feel loved, cared for, and happy to play and explore. Children are cared for in small groups, allowing relationships to build and strengthen and babies to feel confident. With secure relationships in place and knowing each child individually, we can respond to your babies’ needs capably and sensitively. Our baby room team ensure that each individual child’s care such as nappy changing, bottle feeding, weaning and nap times are well understood. The baby room provides lots of exploratory and sensory play opportunities and there is always planned support to meet your child’s individual stages of development. The world is all new to babies and in their first year, they are making amazing discoveries about the world around them. At Sunflowers at St Anne’s we understand that an interested, involved and loving adult is the best toy ever invented for babies! Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, respect and understanding are the key characteristics of our baby room team. TODDLER ROOM With a fantastic open plan space and access to the Woods and outdoors every day, toddlers are busy painting, splashing, building and making new friends. This unique stage of children’s developments needs knowledgeable, playful and empathetic adults to help toddlers develop socially and emotionally. We’re here to support parents too, with help and support to help you through toilet training, food phases, emotional & social development to name a few! During this phase, children take massive steps in their development language, new found pretend play, independence, learning to be together, emotional highs and lows and repeated patterns of play are just a few of the things that occupy their day! You will notice that once your toddler turns two and has got the hang of the power of questions, they ask a lot! These questions give us a great opportunity to see what children are interested in, what they are thinking about and importantly, helps us to provide the best experiences for them. Playing alongside children, demonstrating to them that their questions, words or concerns are valued and sharing as much as we can with parents are the priorities of the Toddler staff team. The play experiences we plan for toddlers have children’s social skills as a central focus to help support their growing sense of independence and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. We make sure children have lots of opportunities to join in and, through play, help them to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings, always encouraging tolerance and modelling positive ways of treating others. PRE-SCHOOL ROOM Helping children prepare for school is one of many important elements of what happens in pre-school. Our nursery provides children with access to the outdoors as well as resources, equipment and materials to stimulate and support early learning, creativity and curiosity. By focussing on the children’s own interests and ideas, whether this is puddles, dinosaurs, shadows or bear-hunts, learning is based on a flexible and responsive curriculum. Early literacy skills are well supported by practitioners having a thorough understanding of the process children go through in acquiring these skills. The same curriculum follows your child through to the end of their Reception year and we have strong links with our St Anne’s Primary School and other local Nantwich primary schools to make the transition smooth and your child’s experience a positive one. The balance of teaching and play and a rich learning environment means children are equipped with everything they need to build all the characteristics of effective learning to help them through school.